About Us

We're constantly pushing for exponential growth.

We never stop learning how we can create the best web technology possible for our clients.

Our Story

Similar to many tech companies, Scalar Development was founded in a tiny dorm room by a group of friends. Coming from different corners of the country to attend Vanderbilt University, we shared few similarities in terms of personalities, interests, and hobbies, but soon began to develop a deep appreciation for the unique abilities each member brought to the table.

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that experience matters.

In our two short years at college we have each been involved in political campaigns, tech startups, engineering firms, and research labs across Nashville. We are always striving to better ourselves through new experiences.

As we worked hard on our own individual projects, our ability to lean on one another for help has always been something we’ve prided ourselves on and taken years to cultivate.

It is from this ease of collaboration that Scalar was born.

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